Screenwriting for the iPad and iPhone done right.
Made by screenwriters, for screenwriters.


Current Version is 2.2.7 – Requires iOS 6.0 or higher. Be sure to review Apple’s website for device compatibility. (Bottom of page)


ScriptWrite is screenwriting for the iPad and iPhone done the right way, an application for screenwriters by screenwriters. Write an entire screenplay or a quick scene on the go, all with one easy interface.

The ScriptWrite Toolbar gives you everything you need, right where you need it, without cluttering your creative space.

It’s perfect for seasoned screenwriters, or those new to the craft!

We appreciate your support and suggestions. Please contact us at to report any bugs.

ScriptWrite Features:

– Universal for both iPhone and iPad (also iPod touch)
– Change the name of and duplicate your scripts
– Write Mode and Read Mode in portrait or landscape
– ScriptWrite Toolbar for easy, simple access to script elements
– Ability to change elements after they have been written
– Scene database that provides ‘go-to’ and ‘rearranging’ of scenes
– Character database that provides auto-fill upon import as well as add/delete character names for each script
– Character name auto-suggest
– Smart auto-advancement from element to element as you write
– Smart scrolling so that large scripts do not hang up the app as you are writing/reading
– Settings page that will auto-fill your Title Page
– Quick Start menu provides icon descriptions
– Links to our video tutorials and homepage
– Import and Export files for Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 (.txt), Final Draft 8 (.fdx), and Celtx (.txt) [Not all features from Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 and Final Draft 8 are supported]
– Import and Export via Email, iTunes and Dropbox
– Export your script in .pdf format (Title Page included)
– Print scripts directly from ScriptWrite with AirPrint
– Works with External Keyboard on iPad, including Tab Key support for element advancement.
– Superior Customer Service

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4 responses to “ScriptWrite

  1. Paul raczkowski

    Can I import my screenplay from screenwriter to script write ?

  2. J

    if i write a something in WORD (.doc) file can I open and/or import that file into Scriptwrite ?